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Thank you for shown your interest in Prakash Memorial Public School, we are grateful for your choice of our school for the education of your child. We appreciate your trust in us and promise not to let you down.

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The process...


Take a tour

Taking a tour with the school leadership team is a great chance to learn a little bit more about the different courses, extra curricular activities, and other involvement opportunities that a school may have to offer. It’s also the perfect place to ask questions of teachers and leaders to help you best understand the school!


Submit application

Application forms will be available at schools till the last date of registration, It must hold information regarding the student's background, past academic performance, hobbies, extra-curricular activities and the precise reason for applying to a new school. It must clearly mention the class that the student intends to join.


Meet and greet

We had a fun “meet and greet” session for the sake of change for the parents to meet school teachers to get comfortable and more about able to understand our curriculum and see our infrastructure to see where your child get their learnings at best.


Secure a spot

Secure a spot in our school by making the right choice to take admission of your child in our school and be reax to see your child performing outstanding.

Required enrollment documents

The admission process involves filling out an application form and submitting some needed documents to fulfill the eligibility criteria.